Friday, November 18, 2011

Watch out: The world is changing!

Lately I seem more susceptible to realize how fast the world is changing. Probably I am getting old...

At a recent lecture, Martin Herdina (CEO, Wikitude) showed how the mobile phone changes our lives (and he displayed slides you don't usually see in lectures…)

Once again I realized that the iPhone was only launched in 2007. I think it is amazing how our use of technology can change in only 4 years ...

Another striking example underlying the perception of technical change in relation to other areas of our lives:

What crosses your mind when you see the following picture?


Old-school, clumsy, clunky, retro least that are impressions that pop up in my head…


Now, what crosses your mind when you see the following picture:

Matrix wallpaper5
Cool, highlight, milestone in movie history, top-10-movies of all times, re-defining science fiction movies …

...again that are my personal associations.


But you remember that the Nokia 7110 phone in the above picture was actually designed after being inspired by the Matrix movie:

Matrix nokia1


I think it is remarkable how time is not having the same effect on movies as on technology. The Matrix definitely aged better than the Nokia phone.

In context: Great video about living in exponential times.



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