Saturday, January 8, 2011

Quotes of the Week: Motivation


I love my work. Yet put me on a team with unclear goals, little collective responsibility, arguing, and infighting, and I'll wake up dreading going into work.

On the morning of his two year anniversary at the cubicle company, Ashton was driving to work when he realized something.

Not one line of code that he had written had ever run.

Not one thing he had done in two years of work made any impact on the world.

In corporate environments the product don't have to be good. Sometimes they don't even have to exist ... if you are a thoughtful developer, you are in the wrong place!

In reality I have almost never met a passionate developer, that is really happy with his job.

The productivity difference between a happy developer and a disgruntled developer is enormous, and constantly underestimated.



  1. Schöne Zitate, Jonas, thanks!
    Ich darf mich also zu den wenigen Entwicklern zählen, die glücklich sind mit dem Job. Mitinhaber im kleinen, freundschaftlichen Team mit gleichem Qualitäts- und Effiziendenken ist halt auch nicht grad die Norm und ich bin für meine Situation dankbar. Hoffe, dass sich der eine odere andere dadurch Gedanken macht für wen und was er/sie arbeitet...

  2. Somehow, you can write code that passes unit testing, code review, and even works after 'they' have done the beta build... but before it will ever see usefulness it will have to both make toast and whistle the PHB's favorite tune... and that rewrite is usually what kills it for good.

  3. Some of the comments are funny but true. I do love my profession but I hate my job. We love our career but the stuff we have to do in a daily basis is just tiring.

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