Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When is Scrum successful?

@EricMinio asked an interesting question last week in his Scrum in Depth course. It really made me rethink my understanding of Scrum.


A company is not able to deliver its software projects, but does not know why. You introduce Scrum. After 3 sprints you have shown up the problems. Does this mean Scrum works?


I think this very much summarizes what Scrum is about, however I think management will have a hard time to see this as a success...

By the way this question was @EricMinio's answer to a students question "Does Scrum work?". Again a great demonstration of a ScrumMaster's function not to provide answers but to ask the right questions.


1 comment:

  1. I believe Scrum does work, and is particularly effective when combined with automated deployment. Scrum enables working tested software to be delivered in short iterations, which gives companies greater flexibility and a shorter time to market. But, in order to really harness the advantages of Scrum, companies need to be able to deploy applications as quickly as they’re being delivered, which is where deployment automation can make a big difference. Do you agree?


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