Thursday, September 17, 2009

Need a break - care for a flame-war?

flame.jpg If this is another of those days, getting bogged in the trenches of enterprise IT, here might be your entertaining break:

There is an exceptional flame-war going on between Alex Yakunin of and Ayende!

Some of the skirmishes are listed here:
  • The beginning: ORM The ORM Tool Shootout
  • The main battle lead by Ayende: Benchmarks are useless, yes, again (check out the comments ...)
  • Ayende: Benchmark cheating, a how to
  • Alex: Are results of this test suite really important? Part 1. Why I don't believe Oren Eini.
  • Ayende: How to lose respect and annoy people

  • And if this is not enough, check out this flame-war of Bob Lee and Gavin King: Comments on "Annotations for Dependency Injection"

    1 comment:

    1. On the last one, I don't even need to read it and know Bob Lee is winning. Gavin King is a blow-hard.


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