Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am not alone!

482393-Lonely-Tree-0.jpg I blogged about me heading for madness and my invented elsewhere syndrome.
But today I discovered that I am not alone! There are people out there, that are suffering with me... maybe we could form a support group and share ourselves?

I felt completely understood when I was reading the first chapter of Seam in Action and came across this:

Just when you've made a decision, a new framework arrives on the scene promising to bury its predecessors.
These choices can be harmful, especially to productivity. Barry Schwartz argues in The Paradox of Choice that having a bewildering array of options floods our already exhausted brains. The result is that your ability to write a quality application stalls. You keep believing that the best framework is the one you haven't tried yet. As a consequence, you spend more time researching frameworks than you do designing functional applications. The search consumes you. You develop a false sense of how busy you are. While you may appear busy, the fact is, you aren't accomplishing much.

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