Sunday, March 9, 2008

What color has your box?


In reality everything is a gray box!

-- Dave Thomas,

Episode 86 of Software Engineering Radio is an interesting and thought provoking interview with Dave Thomas.

Here some quotes:
  • Object technology is creating a legacy that is probably as bad or worse than previous technologies.
  • I think frameworks are a really bad idea.
  • Frameworks are a DSL encoded in an object structure.
  • Frameworks are kind of half finished work, but intentionally so.
  • Normal people should not have to live inside a framework, they should be able to just use it like a component or service.
  • [Components failed because] we shipped frameworks and not components.
  • Does SOA have an architectural style?
  • Java became a weed-language that killed off all other languages.
  • In the end KLOCs kill!
  • The ideal language from my perspective would take the best from smalltalk, scheme and APL.
  • I am not a confident haskell programmer: I am a stateful sinner!
  • Industrial relevance has actually hurt research.
  • Find somebody who is really good and try to work with them ... work with the best, or you will actually start believing that you are the best.
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