Wednesday, February 20, 2008

OS X: Removing iDisk from Sidebar

I am using my MacBook for some time now and I don't have a .Mac-subscribtion.

It always bothered me that there is this iDisk-Icon in the Finder-Sidebar even though it is completely meaningless when you don't have a .Mac-subscription. But I never cared enough to invest some time until today.

It turns out that the solution is really straightforward (well it's Apple isn't it?): Just open Finder-preferences:

Picture 1.png


  1. I was afraid for one second... cuz right-click on any items allow you to hide it from the sidebar. BUT the iDisk. right-click won't do a thing...

    thanks god Apple gave users a way to easily remove something we don't want... I even remove the harddrive from my desktop.

    thanks for the good tip. funny how Apple's defaults are great... Finder's preferences is the one config dialog I had not thought visiting.

  2. or just drag it to the trash

  3. Oh my, just dragging it away works too - I can't believe I never tried doing that instead of right clicking!

    Also, I dragged things like Downloads, Movies and Music into the sidebar, that's just saved me a few thousand clicks for the future!

  4. wow that was easy. its been bugging me for months!

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