Monday, October 15, 2007

Introducing ADD

After TDD, BDD and DDD I am promoting a new style of development: Assumption Driven Development (ADD)

Here is an example how I practice this style in my current project:


BTW: The code was already there, I only added the comments ...


And to be honest, ADD is only the first stage of my plan to revolutionize software development from the ground up. My real goal is to bring awe, humility and worship back into our daily developer lives. The ultimate stage in my ingenious master-plan is PDD: Prayer Driven Development!


  1. YES! This is so cool. When will you start developing your own PDD framework? It would be nice to introduce a static class "God" with some nice PDD methods ;)

    God.Will.Accept.My.Code.To.Be.Working.As.Excpected("My Code")

    Naturally with fluent interface design ;)


  2. That one really made me laugh.
    In corporate development, most of the time, we're confronted with CDD -> Clueless Driven Development


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