Thursday, July 12, 2007

Workshop: Testing Java EE Applications

teachingLast Friday I was holding a Workshop at the 'Software Schule Schweiz' (SWS) about Testing Java EE Applications.

The slides and the example code can be downloaded here.

The workshop was part of the Course 'Enterprise Application Development mit Java EE (EADJ)'. Last semester I was attending this course myself. Testing was a topic I sorely missed, and I stated this in the feedback-survey.
Soon afterwards I met the main lecturer of the course at the BAT, and we started a discussion about how to address testing in the course and how I could get involved (@Patrick: Thanks for bringing up the topic!).

This workshop was the first result. I am looking forward to repeat the workshop next semester.

The feedback I got from the attendees was really good. For my part I had a lot of fun holding the workshop, and I learned a lot. The attendees were extremely cooperative. The result was a lot of discussions and exchange of experience and opinions.

There are some topics I did not include this time, mainly because of a lack of preparation-time. I will try to include these in the next version:

  • Test Driven Design
  • Continuous Integration
  • Automated Acceptance Testing (FIT/Fitnesse)

Furthermore I plan to switch to Keynote on my new MacBook for presentations. It just has more style...

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