Sunday, February 11, 2007

Microsoft on the way to DDD?

I just listened to the newest episode of Dot Net Rocks!

Jesse Liberty and Alex Horovitz make some interesting statements at the beginning of the show:

  • With .Net 3.0 it is now sometimes possible to start a project from the business-model and work up to the GUI and down to the DB
  • On the .Net-Platform it should be easier for the developers to focus on he real business problems.
  • Right now we are stuck with DataSets, which do not allow to implement business-logic in an intuitive way (think of: Customer.Address.PhoneNumber.AreaCode = 097; )
  • Microsoft is working on technologies (e.g. LINQ) that will make it easier in the future to solve the real business problems.

Of course this is fuel for the flames of my current crusade against DataSets and for DDD!

My comments:

  • Every project that has non-trivial business-logic should start from the business-model! Thats how domain-crunching is applied! Thats the only way all the insights from the OO-Analysis and Design can be applied. All the rest is infrastructure (persistence, distribution, deployment …) and nice wrapping (GUI).
  • If even Microsoft is moving away from DataSets you should get rid of them as fast as possible! There are technologies available right now (NHibernate, Genome, OpenAccess, CSLA …), you dont have to wait for Microsoft!
  • It seems that Microsoft is moving towards DDD and ORM. In Java EE this has been State of the Art for some time! I am glad Microsoft seems to accept, that it is the way to go.

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